New Innovations in Wheel Technology Blend with Top Performance across All MKW Brands – Combining Light-weight Design with High Strength and Performance for Competitive Advantage

PR Newswire – CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., October 29, 2015
With a full line of wheel brands to support every enthusiast need, California-based MKW Alloy enters the 2015 SEMA show with new and exciting performance-based wheels to fit and enhance vehicles from trucks and SUVs to over-the-top exotic luxury and performance cars like Porsche and Lamborghini – sporting innovative designs and setting new standards for wheel technology and lightweight performance. Project cars, ranging from a light weight Porsche GT3 to a redefining 12” lifted Chevy 2500 HD truck, will be the center of attention at MKW’s booth #46097 in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center throughout the entire SEMA show, beginning November 3, 2015, and supporting the individual wheel brands of RSR and Hostile.

As an example, and according to Bill Koenig, executive vice president for RSR Wheels and parent company MKW Alloy, while the market continues to demand high strength, yet lower weight wheel design, MKW’s luxury wheel division California-based RSR (Road, Street, Race) is meeting and exceeding this demand with their all-new 900 series wheels – a “one-piece” forged magnesium alloy that makes an enormous difference in the overall performance of the car while providing less exertion to the engine. The Race 900 series line will be aimed at performance vehicles such as the Porsche GT3, giving track day and race customers a competitive advantage.

Koenig notes that lightness is what makes magnesium wheels so heavily sought after. “Saving weight is the number one priority,” said Koenig, “and pushing less rotating mass gives a car a competitive advantage against a similar equipped car with heavier wheels.”

RSR magnesium wheels are 30% percent lighter than aluminum and the bonus of magnesium specifically provides decreased rotational weight, allowing drivers to get up-to-speed faster and maintain speed longer with less stress on the engine. Koenig contends that magnesium has the highest vibration dampening rate of any of the structural metals, including aluminum, titanium or steel and helps to absorb road shock while creating a more consistent contact patch for the tires – resulting in a smooth ride and more traction for better accelerating and cornering.

From an environmental perspective, Koenig concludes that magnesium use within the transportation industries is growing alongside the demand for fuel efficient vehicles, and RSR is working to be on the forefront of the competition in regard to using lightweight exotic materials. “In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, the full recyclability of magnesium additionally makes our wheels a very suitable selection.” Light-weight vehicles are able to run on lower fuel levels which aid in lowering greenhouse emissions. The reduced weight of the vehicle can also increase performance and durability allowing for an increased lifespan.

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